LionHeart Academy

in  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , preschools near me, kindergarten and elementary school in Addis Ababa. LionHeart Academy nursery and preschool

Schedule a Visit

Contact us to arrange a time to meet with us.

Office: +251.118.863.009

Mobile: +251.923.086.959

Step by step

1.  Schedule a visit.  We'll show you the campus and provide

     Application Forms.  You may also complete the online

     Request Form, and we will email you the Application Form.

2.  Bring your child to LionHeart.  Matched with their age and grade

     mates, your child will experience the campus and part or all of

     the Daily Schedule.

3.  For children entering Kindergarten and Primary School, we will

     schedule an English Literacy Evaluation.  The outcomes will help

     us determine their best starting point.

4.  Pending availability of space and your child's ability to access the

     LionHeart curriculum,  families may reserve space for their child

     by submitting the Application Form and Admission Fee.  For the

     2015-2016 school year, Applications are due before June 30th.

5.  To complete your child's file, we request the following

     information and documentation:

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in LionHeart Academy.  We look forward to sharing our learning community with you.  From your first school visit through answering your questions about our programs, to your child's day in our classrooms, we will help you determine whether LionHeart is the right fit for your child.

  • Passport Photographs of your Child (2)
  • Copy of Parents' Passport sand Resident's Identification Cards
  • Copy of Complete Vaccination Record
  • If your child is currently attending school, copies of their three most recent Progress Reports