LionHeart Academy

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hAVE SOME Summer Fun

Academic Enrichment
To minimize 'brain drain' during the long break or to help boost your child's skills, LionHeart provides academic practice sessions.  This add-on program combines one-to-one support with independent study.  With parents and students, we create a learning road map of specific goals in the subject areas of choice.  Additional fees apply.

Special Interests
With input from families we would like to design additional age-appropriate activities.  Please let us know your children's interest areas so that we can plan outings and special workshops.

Our classrooms contain a variety of materials for activities such as arts and crafts, pretend play, and building with Lego blocks.  Our garden contains swings and seesaws and has space to play football, tether ball, 'hide and seek', jump rope and other games.  Our life-size fishing boat also offers opportunities for hours of creative play!

06 - 31 July

Monday to Friday

09:00 - 13:00*

2 to 12 Years

US $750






Ethiopian winter is fast approaching!  To liven up the long days, LionHeart Academy invites children to enjoy its gardens, playgrounds and activity rooms.